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Mark's Recordings: An Introduction

Long time ago I used to record myself at times on a tape recorder or cassette deck. Quite a challenging business -because recording feels like a performance on stage- with poor results, because I did not own top notch equipment. The terms flutter and wow were a grim reality that was clearly audible in the end result.

Recording myself was that stressful that I described it in a separate Guitarity on this site.

At a certain moment I went digital with a Fostex Hardiskrecorder, because we had plans to record a CD with DOS Amigos. That sounded nice and undistorted! There was just one disadvantage, the quality of your play was much better to hear too! The Fostex offered some functions to play with a dry recording by means of some effects like reverb. It appeard that a little reverb gave room to ther recording and added some spice. Additionally its multiplay capability was fun!

With this equipment I made more recordings, but not that frequently. It was necessary to build a setup every time because I did not have a fixed spot for recordings.

I bought the harddiskrecorder in a time that musicians apparently did not see an ordinary home computer as a real tool for recording. The Fostex was a self contained unit with built-in mastering and effects. You could even buy a built-in CD writer to make your own CDs!

The only possible contact with a computer was the SP/DIF digital audio interface. If you were lucky, the soundcard of your PC had an input for this, but in fact it was no more than a special audio input, you had to play the recording completely to transfer it to the computer. I used an SP/DIF USB interface to pick up the sound.

Later on the little digital recorders with SD cards for the recorded audio files and USB interface became popular. Just a device for recording stereo tracks, processing and mixing takes place on the PC. That’s the setup I currently use. I must say it’s a much quicker way than with the old Fostex.

In the mean time I have got my recording spot, a stand with two condenser microphones is part of my playing site, with the digital recorder in the vicinity on a tripod. The device has remote control, so I have more options to make recordings spontaneously.

Making recordings more often, I got the idea to upload practice recordings in mp3 format with some comments, just for learning and entertainment of all guitar players in the world. Initially I wanted to call this section MP3 of the Month, but I found out that this sounds like a resource planning, so I renamed it to Mark's Recordings.

Note that these recordings are practice recordings, they present a kind of story of my guitar playing! Maybe the final result will approximate a CD recording, but at times you might hear the little slips or a performance that is not perfect. Well, that’s part of the game. If I were an endless perfectionist, I would not have disclosed my recordings anyway! Yet I’ll try my best, so the result is what I consider OK at that time. So do not be surprised if I publish an improved version at a later stage!

In the Recording Index you will find a (growing) table of contents of the recordings. Click the links in these tables and you can start exploring what I made of the piece.

Happy Listening!

About Browser Behaviour!

Just a remark concerning playing the mp3's on your computer: Your Internet browser requires a plugin for mp3s. In most cases that will be Windows Media Player or the QuickTime plugin. Further I found out a thing or two with the browser test. Sometimes a browser (e.g. Chrome) fails to play the mp3 because it blocks it via its security settings. In that case, enable music playing for the DOS Amigos Homepage, and you are out of trouble!