In Memoriam Rick van der Linden

Rick van der Linden

In January 2006, the classically trained Dutch pop musician, keyboard player and composer Rick van der Linden died after a brief illness. He passed away at the age of 59, not quite old considering that the boys of the Rolling Stones are still looking for Satisfaction on stage in their sixties.

It is really weird that some deaths invoke a sense of nostalgia, together with a small stream of memories. All these reminiscences, accompanied by the music of Eksep­tion and Trace, two Dutch pop groups in which Rick van der Linden, played a prominent role in my life. That’s why I write a little appreciation to share some memories with you. Just click the chapter that you want to read in the index below and you will be there!

Chapter Summarizing... Action!
My First Single My first contact with the music of Ekseption. Lezen
Ekseption (1) From Jazz to Poppy Classic. Lezen
Beggar Julia's Time Trip A legendary concept album. Lezen
Ekseption 3 Music on the novel Le Petit Prince. Lezen
00.00.04 A large orchestra joins in. Lezen
Ekseption 5 The lustrum record. Lezen
Trinity A fresh revival. Lezen
Trace Rick's attempt for the hegemony of ELP. Lezen
Birds Trace is getting more polished. Lezen
White Ladies Trace with Ekseption personnel. Lezen
Ekseption '78 After many years back on vinyl. Lezen
Danse Macabre Mixed feelings. Lezen
Ekseption '89 A joyful revival! Lezen
Live in Germany One of the few live records by Ekseption. Lezen
Trace Remastered An interesting memory and new material. Lezen
The Significance of Rick's Work How I liked it! Lezen