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Beggar Julia's Time Trip


Ekseption’s second album -Beggar Julia’s Time Trip- was a hit for me in many aspects.

In the first place it was a record with a story, an early version of a concept album. In this form it was made into a film and shown on television, with the popular dancer Penney de Jager in the role of Julia.

In the second place, most tracks were arrangements of classical music, or composi­tions with a classical mood. The originals were Adagio (Albinoni), a major chart breaker in those days in Holland, Italian Concerto (Bach) and Concerto (Chaiko­vsky).

The other tracks were strongly influenced by classics. For example Ouverture with a polyphonic motif for wind instruments, alternated with a theme for flute and harpsichord. Another example is the arrangement of the well known C sharp minor prelude by Rachmaninoff, which evolved into a final chord on church organ. And finally the church organ version of Theme for Julia which concluded the album.

Keyboard instruments played the major part: Hammond, piano, harpsichord (even with lute register), mellotron and even an early synthesizer which was called Tony Tone.

For me Beggar Julia’s Time Trip became the start of my taste for symphonic rock music and a great interest in keyboard instruments like the Hammond, Mellotron and Moog Synthesizer.