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Dance Macabre


After Ekseption '78 was issued, it remained silent for some time, quite rightly. There was some change in personnel. This next record Dance Macabre did not bring many new things.

The new rhythm section with amongst others the Kayak drummer Max Werner did change the sound significantly. Consequently the remakes of the good old classics were fun to some extent. In this way Air was extended by a guitar solo, making it more faithful to Bach's original. The track Haydn was a nice addition, even though it had a bit of a James Last sound!

As far I was concerned I was done with Ekseption after this record, because I got a passion for classical guitar playing, so I ceased buying pop records (classical records were quite expensive and the budget was limited). The magic was gone.

Going back in my mind that does not surprise me. The time of Ekseption and Trace coincided with my high school and student years. The music forms a background for a lot of let’s say childhood memories: just like film music invokes the scenes in your mind, the music by Ekseption and Trace invokes the scenes of adolescence, when I passed my days on high school and university. Consequently Rick’s music has a clear nostalgic value for me.