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Ekseption '78


After many years, Rick van der Linden decided to join Ekseption again, with the album Ekseption '78 as a result. It’s not for nothing that the first track is called Again. This first track happened to be an arrangement of a theme from the Matthaeus Passion by Bach, titled Kommt Ihr Tochter, Helft Mir Klagen. Freely translated, Come, my daughters and weep with me.

Yes, weeping it is when you listen to this album. Ekseption is nothing more but a shade of itself, nothing is left of the freshness of the first albums.

The album sleeve is more or less an omen: the music is smooth and polished, but sounds soo fabricated. Allright, there are some nice whistle-along tunes on the record, like Wild Flower, but it just is not it! A shame indeed!