Index of Guitarities

As a guitarist, you get involved with some aspects which are mostly far behind the scene for the audience which is enjoying the results of your efforts. I thought it to be fun to describe some of my personal experiences with these aspects within this section Guitarities. Maybe it is useful for you, and if not.. it might be just fun to read. Further you will find here reports and notes concerning a number of guitar events that I attended.

Use the table of contents below to select the individual Guitarities. Happy Reading!

Title Subject  
Performance A story about performance before audiences Read
Recording Can recording help you inprove your play? Read
By Heart The adventure of playing by heart Read
Guitar Lessons Musings about the guitar lessons that I followed Read
Technical Exercises Purpose and nonsense of technical studies Read
Holidays Do I take my guitar with me on holidays? Read
Motivation The driving force behind your musicianship Read
Idols Do classical guitarists have fanclubs too? Read
Emotion Do you dare to be emotional in music? Read
Modern Contemporary music... Do I like it? Read
Patience One of my challenges in life... Read
Annoyances One of the hidden aspects of ensemble playing Read
Solo Again, Naturally... What to do after the demise of DOS Amigos? Read
The Luthier The artists that made my Guitars Read
Makaroff's Memoirs Interesting story about the 19th century Guitar Read
Masterclasses Are they suitable for amateurs? Read
My new guitar There she is, my brand new Guitar! Read
Maintenance and Repair Keeping your instrument up and running Read
NIHZ in the Concertgebouw A historical performance of Duo NIHZ Read
Back On Stage Trying to get settles on stage again Read
Back On Stage II Recovery from a disappointment Read
Back On Stage III A successful open stage night! Read
Frankpop 2012 A joyful guitar event in the town of Hengelo Read
Competition! My adventures at an amateur competion Read
Master Class Carle Costa A nice concert and master class by Carle Costa Read
Missed a Turn? The role of music and guitar in my life Read
Competition Again! New adventures at an amateur competition. Read
Pieter van der Staak Festival Adventures during a special ensemble workshop. Read
Background Music Experiences from background music playing. Read
The Louis Ignatius Gall Festival A homage to an old maestro of the guitar! Read
Competition Third Time! Another step in getting contest experience! Read
A trip to Guitar Festival Enkhuizen. On tour with Duo NIHZ! Read
Adventures with the Microphone. My blog on guitar recordings! Read
Jewish Music Festival Nordhorn 2014. First time in Kulturhaus NIHZ! Read
Forever Young. Concert by Sarah Brendel in Kulturhaus NIHZ Read
Concorso Quattro. My fourth amateur competition. Read
Retuning my Guitar. Using an A4 reference of 432 Hz. Read
Lustrum Competition? Attempts to my fifth competition. Read
Studying my part An occasional ensemble with a recorder player. Read
Homage to the Oldies Live music for a lively group!. Read