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Concorso Quattro!

Again this year I subscribed to the amateur competition of the Nordhorn Guitar Festival. My fourth appearance, now in the lustrum year of the festival!

In the table of contents below you will find the subjects of this story. Just pick one to read.

Chapter Summarizing... Action!
March 2015: Subscribed. Meeting the Challenge and selecting the Pieces. Read
March 2015: About the Music. Some background information. Read
March 2015: Late Preparations. This year I am starting late. Read
April 2015: Belle. Some details about my first competition piece. Read
April 2015: Alfonsina y el Mar. Some details about my second piece. Read
April 2015: Hungarian Dance. Some details about my last piece. Read
April 2015: Bad Patch. Some dynamics in self-confidence. Read
April 2015: Intermittently Cloudy. Here and there some unrest pops up. Read
April 2015: Preparations Completed. With a bit more confidence. Read
April 2015: Master Class: Modesty. Jumping a little too far... Read
April 2015: D-day: The Competition. A remarkable quest for a few notes. Read