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Adventures with the Microphone

For a while I have been the proud owner of a Tascam digital recorder, a DR100 Mk. 2 to be specific. A very useful device with remote control, two XLR microphone inputs and data storage on XD cards. A perfect front-end form y two AKG C1000 microphones that I purchased years ago. With a supply of rechargeable batteries you have plenty of time for recording.

I make my recordings on the attic and process the raw recordings with the computer. Processing usually includes a bit of cutting, the addition of a little bit of reverb and if necessary some level adjustment.

At times I work a lot with the device, but it has not become a routine yet. The results are – at least in my perception – far from stable, there is a lot of variation in the quality. That’s the reason why I want to practice recording in this season 2014/2015, because I guess that the same is true for recording as it is for public performances: Practice makes the Master.

Such a practicing adventure is a nice subject for a blog-like contribution to the DOS Amigos Homepage. A nice read-along for you and possibly you’ll learn something from it too!

In the table of contents below you will find a growing list of subjects of this story. Just pick one to read.

Chapter Summarizing... Action!
Recording in the Past. A game of tapes, cassettes and .wav files. Read
Recording and Performance Stress. Surprised? Yes, performance stress is there! Read
A bit of Technology. Recording room, microphones, sample rate etc.! Read
Six Piéces Faciles. Easy is not as simple as it seems. Read
Christmas Carols from the Attic. A longyear tradition on CD. Read
Gerbe des Fleurs. A little excursion to the Romantic Era. Read
Two Tangos. A struggle with self-judgement. Read
Minutova Sola, first set. Experiments with atmosphere in little pieces. Read
Minutova Sola, second set. The second set of miniatures by Stephan Rak. Read
Minutova Sola, third set. The third set, dances by Stephan Rak. Read
At times it just does not work! Wrong mood or wrong recording method? Read
Ramillete by Jose Ferrer New tuning and better results. Read