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With Duo NIHZ to the Guitar Festival Enkhuizen

An unexpected and pleasant invitation by Duo NIHZ brought me to the guitar festival in Enkhuizen on a sunny Father's Day.

In the table of contents below you will find the subjects of this story. Just pick one to read.

Chapter Summarizing... Action!
Father's Day, early in the morning. Why does one get up at seven on a sunday? Read
The Location: The Zuiderzeemuseum. A nice place for a sunny guitar festival. Read
The Organizer: De Gitaarsalon Musical initiative in the province of North Holland. Read
Duo NIHZ in the Wierschuur. Klezmer and Yiddish near the IJsselmeer. Read
In the Chapel. The place to go for the classical guitar. Read
A Stroll. Guitars, guitars and more guitars! Read
In the Chapel again Romantic and contemporary sounds. Read
Finally A pleasant get-together at the Gitaarsalon. Read