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Competition Third Time!

At many guitar competitions you are excluded from participation once you have won the first prize. That's not so with the Amateur Competition of the Nordhorn Guitar Festival. A nice opportunity to gain experience with the dynamics of contest playing.

In the table of contents below you will find the subjects of this story. Just pick one to read.

Chapter Summarizing... Action!
10-3-2014: Subscribed Subscription is easy, starting appeared difficult. Read
17-3-2014: Why am I doing this? What is an amateur doing here? Read
21-3-2014: The Repertoire The pieces that have to make it. Read
1-4-2014: Onder een Linde Groen Playful Renaissance. Read
2-4-2014: Minutova Sola Three pieces, three minutes? Read
3-4-2014: Vaterlandsbluthen Nr. 2 Hungarian flowers in the field. Read
7-4-2014: Practice and Annoyances Some preparation days are bad. Read
11-4-2014: Practice and Satisfaction Fortunately there are good days as well. Read
14-4-2014: Live Try-out Open guitar stage at Kulturhaus NIHZ. Read
19-4-2014: On Competitions A little review after reading the book. Read
21-4-2014: A little Timing Problem Programme time measurement is a surprise. Read
26-4-2014: Competition Nr. 3 And now playing what I practiced for. Read
1-5-2014: To the next Competition I subscribed for the competition at Twenthe GF. Read
7-5-2014: Maturing a bit Laying the competition pieces aside for a while. Read
18-5-2014: A step back I guess there is some homework left to do. Read
29-5-2014: More room to play Practicing entrance, announcement and music. Read
31-5-2014: C-Day! 2nd apotheosis of my competition adventure. Read