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Competition Again!

Last year I was a bit hesitant in my approach of the preparation of the amateur competition in the Nordhorn Guitar Festival. "I can do that better", I thought and subscribed again. You’ll find the story about my adventures in this Guitarity.

In the table of contents below you will find the subjects of my preparation and a report of the competition itself. Just pick one to read.

Chapter Summarizing... Action!
6 March: Subscribed... Let's get going! Read
7 March: The Pieces What I want to play at the competition Read
20 March: Dry Run Using the stopwatch. Read
24 March: Public Performance Stress before a small audience. Read
25 March: Recovering Time to evaluate. Read
31 March: Things are not quite OK A weak moment. Read
2 April: Crisis Conference How to tackle that problem spot. Read
15 April: Back to Stage Playing before a larger audience. Read
17 April: What to do during Playing-in Musings about the last 15 minutes. Read
23 April: The last guitar class before.. Getting bored from the same pieces all the time. Read
25 April: I really got the Blues! My morale is a bit low at the moment. Read
26 April: The case remains shut today I was far too busy to play today. Read
27 April: The Competition Finish reached! Read