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Missed a Turn?

People use to sigh: "if I could have my life over again, then..." When somebodey asked me why I did not choose music for a living and why I possibly missed that turn in my life, I just thought: "Let's write about that!"

In the table of contents below you will find some subjects from my autobiography concerning that matter. Just pick one to read.

Chapter Summarizing... Action!
A tiny bit of autobiography How I started writing about this. Read
In Days of Old My first experiences with music. Read
Listening to the Radio Trend setting Read
The First Long Player Developing my own taste Read
Collecting Music Starting to like it! Read
In Love with the Guitar That’s the way to select an instrument. Read
The Turn to Twenthe Leaving home... Read
Crossroads Select your route. Read
Music Lessons Playing and being taught to play. Read
Guitar versus Technics? Two passions compete. Read
Solo and Ensemble Playing alone or together. Read
Music and Publishing Music on paper. Read
Music and Reviews How do others play? Read
Music and Teaching It is fun to learn someone to play. Read
Being Doubtful for Once... There are some of those days... Read
Did I miss the Turn? Did I, actually? Read