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This year, AD2012, I made the first attempt to participate in an amateur competition on the guitar. In the past I never considered myself to be a competitor, yet I wanted to go through the process just for trying and gaining experience..

I considered my competition attempt as a nice opportunity to describe my preparation towards the competition and the actual performance in a blog-format. Just to share it with the guitar amateurs on the net.

So in the next pages I will write about my adventures in preparation of and the actual performance at the amateur competition in Nordhorn, Germany at the Kulturhaus NIHZ in April 2012. Have fun reading and if you are going to participate in a competition yourself, Happy Playing!

Use the Table of Contents below to pick your subject.

Chapter Summarizing... Action!
Subscribe... The first step Read
Pick your Piece! The aim is important Read
Preparation How do you manage that? Read
Masterclass Denis Azabagic Good advice and lots of fun. Read
Feedback Sometimes hard to accept. Read
Fingering An accurate game. Read
Blues Sometimes things don’t work out. Read
Change Focus That clears the atmosphere at times. Read
Fingering again Adjustment. Read
Stress Analysis Nerves start bothering me. Read
A little bit of irritation If things are not as you would like. Read
Bluesette Slight decrease of morale. Read
All together now... 8 minutes seem to be a long time indeed! Read
Something completely different... No competition pieces this week. Read
First Day in Nordhorn... Getting in the mood. Read
D-Day The main event. Read
Epilogue Misison accomplished, yet... Read