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The Luthier

In the worl of classical guitar music, most of the attention is directed towards the composers of the music and their interpreters, the guitarists themselves. There is, however, a third man in this game which is at least equally important to bring guitar music to the world: the guitar maker, or more stylishly, the luthier.

I played "products" (eh.. sounds a bit abstract, I admit) from various luthiers in the last thirtyfive years of my ( ;-) well. let’s call it) playing career. When I started I was hardly aware of the man/woman behind the guitar.

So that will be the subject of this Guitarity. Select a subject from the table of contents below to read.

Just a little Caveat to consider during reading these stories. These are my personal experiences, so they are quite subjective. Please do not read them as reviews, because they are not. It’s more like a story of all guitars I came across as a player up till now.

Chapter Summarizing... Action!
Anonymous 1 My very first banana crate. Read
Anonymus 2 A slightly better instrument. Read
Helmut Hanika They build guitars in Eastern Germany too! Read
Manuel Contreras An occasion in warm cedar. Read
Paulino Bernabe The intended duo guitar. Read
Theo Scharpach A contemporary design. Read
George Ziatas Modern materials in a classical design. Read
Bert Kwakkel The sound of Rio! Read