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Maybe this is a weird subject for a column like these Guitarities. On the other hand: why not? It is quite relevant to the life in musical ensembles. Annoyances often are the cause of poor performance and eventual dissolution of ensembles, even though they had a lot of musical potency.

I already discussed touchy subjects like stage fright and motivation, so the subject "Annoyances" is not that weird. At times it is a very relevant topic, isn't it? Hence some scribbling about these little problems in an amateur-musician's life.

So that will be the subject of this Guitarity. Select a subject from the table of contents below to read more.

Chapter Summarizing... Action!
Making Music is Work of Man.. Opportunities and restrictions. Read
Where do We go from Here? An aim is quite important Read
Unbalance in Playing Skills One plays better than the other. Read
Always this Criticism Nobody really likes vinegar. Read
Insufficient Time for Practice Merely Notes in your Agenda will not help Read
I never hear about the Results Look at that from a distance. Read
Outplayed or no Response Two sides of a medal. Read
The Progress is Poor If it slows dow, it becomes tedious. Read
Always something Else Agendas will not create time. Read
Things are worn out A tragical observation. Read
Tactical (?) Replacement A bad surprise. Read
Conclusion Making music remains the work of man. Read