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After you have been quite busy for some time, mastering the guitar within the safe confines of your study, people will inevitably ask: "wouldn't you like to play some music for us?" A question with the hidden aspect of a negation and a maybe a premature implication that it is enjoyable to play in front of an audience. Anyway, it’s a question which announces a new aspect of mastering your instrument: the public performance.

This is a nice subject for this first Guitarity. The table of contents below provides you with the subjects, just select and click to read.

Chapter Summarizing... Action!
On Stage! Tension rises! Read
Preparation is half the Effort.. Correct, failing to prepare is preparing to fail! Read
The Audience is not Your Enemy.. Just one thing to remember. Read
Put off Self-judgement.. For your own benefit. Read
Concentrate on Music.. Don’t let technique distract you. Read
Enjoy Yourself while Playing.. A Challenge in its own right. Read