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My adventures at the Guitar Festival Nordhorn 2016

A report of this guitar festival reads like a little book, with a table of contents as shown below. Just select the desired subjects that are -by the way- in chronological order.

Chapter Summarizing... Action!
Tensed A less optimal start of the festival. Read
Novelties Innovation goes on and on. Read
Starting in a relaxed way The first day and getting started. Read
Master class Ögmundur Johannesson Hints from Iceland! Read
Concert Mesirca and Scarlini An interesting multimedia happening. Read
Concert Anido Guitar Duo/Duo NIHZ A tribute to a dead master guitarist/composer. Read
Kitchen Band on the Run The band that plays behind the scene. Read
Composers Competition A competition without audience. Read
Preliminaries Students/Professionals The first round towards the finals. Read
Concert Johannesson/Hurwitz Combined forces from Iceland and Israel. Read
Concert Victor Villadangos A dear memory comes alive. Read
Asturias Vodka Competition Tremolo becomes tremor after a while. Read
Guitar Cinema Colourful images in the dead of the night. Read
Beste Gitarrist von Nordhorn The kids from Germany are there again! Read
Amateur Competition The competition for home guitar lovers. Read
Master class Victor Villadangos Good times with Veladas Intimas. Read
Concert Finn Svit/Jochen Brush Fun and musical guessing games. Read
Concert Boutros/Cruzado Wonderful combination of guitar and dance. Read
Concert The Guitar Company Early morning fun in Neuenhaus. Read
Theatre sport for Guitarists Training the stage muscles. Read
Finals Students/Professionals High level and little differences. Read
Concert Marcin Dylla An old acquaintance plays again. Read