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My Adventures at the Guitar Festival Nordhorn 2013

A report of this guitar festival reads like a little book, with a table of contents as shown below. Just select the desired subjects that are -by the way- in chronological order.

Chapter Summarizing... Action!
Blue Thursday A weird mood to start with.. Read
Kulturhaus NIHZ The organisation. Read
The Festival This year's activities. Read
Paperwork and Master Class Piles of scores and Samuel's master class Read
Preliminaries Profi/Student Competition A marathon session indeed! Read
Concert Zoran Dukic A surprisingly classical treat! Read
The Kulturhaus Bar at Friday Flamenco, percussion and fun! Read
Estudios de Voluntariado The work behind the scene. Read
Luthier Friederieke Linscheid Skills and work with wisdom of the wood. Read
Workshop Klaus Rentzel Gett back into your body and catch your breath. Read
Amateur Competition My second competition adventure. Read
Concert Duo Resonances Ensemble in unity and duality. Read
Master class with Stefan Grasse A pleasant after-competition experience. Read
Concert Klaus Rentzel Exercises for the laughing muscles! Read
Concert Real Duo Music that basks in the Tuscan song. Read
The Kulturhaus Bar at Saturday Jazz and joy, sing along, girls and boys! Read
Theatre Sports for Guitarists How to find your way on the stage. Read
Master class Annette Kruisbrink Brouwer and Mertz revisited! Read
Master class Zoran Dukic It’s also fun to watch! Read
Finals of the Competition Five finalists, one winner! Read
The Sensitive String The importance of careful selection of strings. Read
Concert Stefan Grasse Nice and easy listening in latin. Read
Concert Reinbert Evers Contemporary music at its best. Read
The Kulturhaus Bar at Sunday Saying goodbye, and see you next year! Read