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My Adventures at the Guitar Festival Nordhorn 2012

A report of this guitar festival reads like a little book, with a table of contents as shown below. Just select the desired subjects that are -by the way- in chronological order.

Chapter Summarizing... Action!
School Outing A little trip over the German border Read
Kulturhaus NIHZ The organisation. Read
Het Festival This year's activities. Read
Intake Formal receptions with piles of scores. Read
Preliminaries Profi/Student Competition A marathon session indeed! Read
Concert Thomas Müller-Pering The complete Bach D minor Partita! Read
Amateur Competition This time I was a competitor myself. Read
Concert Nutavut Ratanakarn Talent from Thailand! Read
Ensemble des Princesses de Cuisine Thet perform for the inner man. Read
Concert Klemke Gitarrenduo A family duo on the guitar. Read
Concert Alberto Mesirca The house musician of Kulturhaus NIHZ! Read
Masterclass with Nutavut Ratanakarn An adventuroud drive to Nordhorn. Read
Masterclass with Thomas Müller–Pering Fingerings with purpose. Read
Finals Profi/Student Competition An exciting final struggle! Read
Concert Roland Dyens Tout la musique en Skai! Read