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Proceedings of the Twenthe Guitar Festival 2014

A report of this guitar festival reads like a little book, with a table of contents as shown below. Just select the desired subjects that are -by the way- in chronological order.

Chapter Summarizing... Action!
On a Beautiful Whitsunday Starting to write festival history... Read
The Festival The organisation. Read
Master class with Robert Horna A pleasant reunion with an old teacher. Read
Preliminaries Cat. 1 Competition A large group of candidates tries for the finals. Read
Concert Festival Ensemble/Duo Melis Crowd on stage and beautiful interplay. Read
Master Class with Alexis Muzarakis Early morning preparation for competition. Read
Amateur Competitions This time I am in it too!. Read
Concert Robert Horna A memorable recital with a lengthy encore. Read
Concert Teyata Guitar Duo Minimal music on two guitars. Read
Finals Cat. 1 Competition More classics this year! Read
Concert Ricardo Gallén A concert with a high hourly rate. Read