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Fun at the Twenthe Guitar Festival 2011

A report of this guitar festival reads like a little book, with a table of contents as shown below. Just select the desired subjects that are -by the way- in chronological order.

Chapter Summarizing... Action!
A Hot Ascension Day Bright weather for a change! Read
The Organisation... The organisation and the people behind it. Read
Guest with Masterclass Yves Storms Listening at the masterclass by Yves Storms. Read
Lunch concert Cecoria Two talented German ladies! Read
Music in the Open Music in the bandstand at the Grote Markt. Read
Preliminaries Axis Guitar Competition Who will reach the finals this year? Read
Guest with Masterclass Zoran Dukic Listening at the masterclass by Zoran Dukic. Read
Concert Carlo Marchione A slight little bit Bluesy... Read
Masterclass Johann Palier A specialist for Paganini on the guitar! Read
Lunch concert Arnaldo Lopez Steelstring with a story! Read
The Festival Ensemble A crowded stage. Read
Concert Izhar Elias The arrival of the minstrel. Read
Masterclass Carlo Marchione An early surprise. Read
Masterclass Zoran Dukic Nails and a hot tea spoon. Read
Lunch concert Violarra Violin, guitar and yodling in the end. Read
Axis Guitar Competition Cat.2 and 3 Excitement for youngsters, teenies and twens! Read
Workshop Jim ten Boske Rehearsal with good old Jim Read
Concert Zoran Dukic He's back in Enschede with his latest repertoire, Read
Finals Axis Guitar Competition Finally a lady in the finals. Read
Concert Raphaella Smits A spectacular stand-in! Read
Finally... Next year will be different... Read