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Quite a Show on the Twenthe Guitar Festival 2010

A report of this guitar festival reads like a little book, with a table of contents as shown below. Just select the desired subjects that are -by the way- in chronological order.

Hoofdstuk Samengevat... Actie!
Morning After.. (Day Four plus One) After-festival blues Read
Organisation How the festival is organised. Read
Homage A homage to Jim ten Boske Read
An Early Morning Walk The Dutch tradition for Ascension Day Read
Workshop Jim en Paul Traditionally the first event. Read
Concert Eric Franceries A pleasant surprise. Read
Preliminaries Axis Guitar Competition A new sponsor, a new competition. Read
Concert Duo Melis Spectacular cooperation. Read
Masterclass Frank Bungarten Sometimes you become painfully modest. Read
Concert Matthew McAllister I missed it due to Masterclass blues. Read
Workshop Jim Jim always going strong! Read
Masterclass Susana Prieto A masterclass with passion! Read
The History of the Guitar Duo NIHZ in their element. Read
Concert Duo Niehusmann Music for the complete family. Read
Concert Andre Manuel Junkie of the pencil, addicted to the words. Read
Workshop Stage Presentation On stage with fun! Read
Masterclass Eric Franceries Brushing up the skills. Read
Concert Radio Robotnik Synthesizer jazzy spectaculars. Read
Axis Guitar Competition Cat. 3 The youngsters conquer the stage. Read
Axis Guitar Competition Cat. 2 Our teenies and twens are there again. Read
Concert Denis Azabagic A pleasant meeting with an old acquaintance. Read
L' Encouragement A rose on stage. Read
Concert Paul Driessen Picking and Plucking. Read
Finals Axis Guitar Competition A men's party this time. Read
Concert Frank Bungarten A challenge for both player and audience! Read
Finally.. Looking forward. Read