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Navigation on the Site

Information which cannot be found is quite useless. Navigation on a web site helps you to find information. In the previous version of the DOS Amigos Homepage, navigation was less optimal. That’s why I put some effort in revamping it.

The navigation on the current web site includes four menus:

The index on the welcome page is a later addition. I saw people accessing the site and noticed the number of mouseclicks necessary. Therefore I decided to add some shortcuts that lead to the most popular subjects of the site as an alternative to the section based top menu. Sometimes you might be surprised where you land, discovering exiting new subjects. It’s always possible to return to the welcome page, however, just use the breadcrumb navigation.

The top menu bar remains fixed. It offers the option to switch between main sections quickly. The banner graphics show in which section you are, every section has its own symbol. Dropdown menus offer extra navigation possibilities.

The breadcrumb navigation depends on your 'position' within the site structure. It provides a quick way to navigate to indices and overview pages.

The side menu is context dependent. The menu options are determined by:

If necessary, you can navigate within main sections, using the following menu buttons:

There is one navigation option left, which is the scroll bar in the content section which appears on overflow of the text/graphics inside this content section. Click inside the content area and use the mouse wheel or Page Up and Page Down keys to scroll.