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System Requirements

If you can view this homepage, you already have satisfied quite a number of system requirements. For convenience I will list them. The requirements are:

A Computer with a suitable Operating System

A computer running the operating system OS-n (Macintosh), Windows (95, 98, XP, Vista or 7) or Linux. The computer must have an operational Internet connection.

A Screen Resolution of at least 1024 x 768 pixels

In this resolution the home page will fit completely in the browser, provided you have not opened too many tool bars. With higher reolutions, you have more space around the content. I found out that the screen resolution 800 x 600 pixels is so rare, that I can consider it obsolete. Hence I did not design the homepage for this resolution. Nevertheless the content (the light yellow area) fits inside 800 x 600, so reading will be relatively comfortable. Access of the menus requires some play with the scrollbars.

A Web Browser which supports Cascaded Style Sheets (CSS)

Well, most recent browsers do so. I tested the website with Internet Explorer 5.5, -6 en -7, en Firefox (also refer to the story about the browser quirks). I do not expect problems with higher versions of Explorer, Opera and Safari. If there are problems with the layout in these browsers, please let me know. In that case I will extend my test browser suite and think about some more CSS corrections.

A Soundcard to play the Music

The music files on this site are all in 128 kbps MP3 format. Most browsers have support for MP3 playback.

A Plugin which enables your Web Browser to access the Sound Hardware and to play mp3.

For Internet Explorer this plugin used to be the Windows Media Player with correct codecs. For Firefox it used to be a plugin like Quicktime. Do not forget to set the correct MIME types for the plugin: audio/midi must be part of the list. Currently matters are slightly more complicated concerning mp3, so make sure that you install a suitable codec.

I use the HTML5 command AUDIO with relevant parameters which invokes the native browser player with controls. Most modern browsers now support this. The look and feel of the music player depends on the browser. Please do not mind the huge player of Internet Explorer, I have tried my best to change the layout of the homepage to fit this beast!

Note that there is a little drawback, old browsers will not support HTML5, so in that case it is tough luck, unfortunately. But I had to make this step to get compatibility with Windows 10 browsers.

An installed Copy of Acrobat Reader or equivalent PDF Document Viewer

You need this software to view the sheet music. Acrobat Reader is a free download on the Adobe web site. Minimum required version is 3.0. While generating the PDF files, I switched on the font embedding, so the rather exotic musical note fonts should be visible despite the fact that you do not have them on your system.