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Qem Sabe

(Carlos Gomes)

This is a Modinha by Carlos Gomes, a musical form from Brasil which has some likeness with the Portuguese Fado. A hopeful piece of romanticism (quem sabe means 'who knows?'). We like to play this piece as an encore.

Carlos Gomes (1836-1896) was born in Campinas, near Sao Paulo. He was a very musically gifted child, so it was quite logical that his parents pushed his musical education.

He studied at the Rio de Janeiro conservatory and became a celebrated opera composer. As a prize for one of his compositions, he won a study trip to Italy, the land of the Opera.

His stay in Italy wone him some reputation in Europe. Unfortunately his stay in Italy appeared to be a money pit, causing him to run off to the Brazilian state of Belem. They liked him over there and gave him the post of director of the local conservatory. He died in Belem in 1896.