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Pavane Op. 50 (Fragment)

(Gabriel Faure)

This is a fragment from the Pavane Op. 50 by Gabriel Faure (1845 - 1924) in an arrangement for two guitars and flute. The guitar crew had been extended because the fragile arpeggios from the accompaniment needed some body for more balance with the powerful sound of the flute.

Faure’s musical talent became obvious in his early childhood. At the age of nine he left his native region in southern France to attend Louis Niedermeyer’s l’ Ecole de Musique Religieuse in Paris. Niedermeyer attempted to reform the at that time quite theatrical religious music in France, his pupil Faure was to play a major role in this.

Faure composed for piano, church organ, chamber music ensembles, orchestra and choir and wrote -besides a vast repertoire of church music- more secular works, including a few operas and ballets.

The Pavane was conceived as an orchestral work with optional choir. The beautiful serene theme appeared to be a favourite amongst arrangers for popular music, like Rogier van Otterloo.