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Los Panaderos (Bolero)

(Julian Arcas)

This is an arrangement of a Bolero by the Spanish composer Julian Arcas (1832 - 1882). In his days he was a well known concert guitarist. he composed a lot of music in the Spanish popular style (like this Bolero). On one of his tours, Arcas even played for the British royal family. In 1870, Arcas called his concert tours quits and started a business in Sevilla, where he helped the famous luthier Antonio Torres with a few hints for his modern guitar design.

Years ago I arranged the solo version of Arcas’ piece for flute and guitar on behalf of my flute-guitar ensemble. The melody was clear enough, the accompaniment appeared a bit dull (quite a lot of folk-based music is composed around a few chords, in this case the A and E7 chords play a major role). So I tried to implement some effects like tremolo. The piece sounds nicely in duo.