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El Testament d'Amalia

( Miguel Llobet )

This is an arrangement of a Catalan folk song by the Spanish guitarist/composer Miguel Llobet (1878-1938). It’s a sad lament with a great mystery: who was Amelia? Rumor states that she was an unknown Spanish princess. Apparently she did not leave much in het last will, else the song would have been more joyful.

Miguel Llobet was concert guitarist in the first place, he toured all the world to give recitals. Old recordings on wax rolls still witness his art. Llobet was a pupil of van Francisco Tarrega and composed/arranged a modest repertoire in the romantic style of his master. Llobet is considered to be the master of the famous guitarist Andres Segovia.

Llobet's music is technically quite demanding. His Catalan folk songs with the stretches are extremely difficult for a soloist. Therefore I re-arranged his solos as duos, to share the burden more or less. An advantage was that I could keep melody and accompaniment consistent in a way which was technically not possible in the original solo version.

If you like to play this music: the song belongs to the collection El Amor y La Muerte, available with Muziekuitgeverij Van Teeseling, number VT379.