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( Isaac Albeniz )

This is an arrangement for two guitars of Albeniz' piano solo Pavana.

Isaac Albéniz (1860 - 1909) was a Spanish composer and pianist. He performed as a child prodigy and became a pupil of Marmontel in Paris, being a six year old. Later on -in between concert tours- het studied in Brussels.

Being a young man, he got fed up with the life of a classical musician. He ran away to the USA and Latin America, where he earned his living in a wild life as a bar pianist.

After his return he worked as a composer in London (where he composed opera's commissioned to him by a rich banker), in Paris and in Spain. His repertoire sounds particularly Spanish, although the music shows influences from Debussy and Liszt.

Together with Felipe Pedrell, Albéniz is considered the founder of the Spanish School, a music movement that revives and is inspired by Spanish (particularly Andalusian) folk music.

Albéniz composed amongst others an oratory El Cristo, the orchestral work Catalonia (first part of an uncompleted suite) and piano music. Examples are the Album Leaves España (with e.g. the famous Tango), the Suite española and the twelve part Suite Iberia. A number of these works was arranged for orchestra and guitar settings.