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( Enrique Granados )

This is an arrangement for two guitars of Spanish Dance no 2 by Enrique Granados, a popular piece in the guitar repertoire.

Enrique Granados (1867 - 1916) was a Spanish composer and pianist. He mainly wote piano and vocal music, so the guitar pieces are transcriptions. He studied under amongst others Emilio Pujol and Felipe Pedrell and founded the Barcelona Conservatory in 1901.

In contrast with the other Spanish composers of his generation, he had little interest in the culture of his native district. He felt attracted, however, to the Castilian Tonadilla and the Spanish art from the classical and early romantic period. His love for the paintings of the classical Spanish painter Goya is legendary and shows in many pieces he composed with Goya's paintings in mind.

Although his work was influenced by Robert Schumann, Grieg and Liszt, he developed a characteristic style with individual harmonic and rythmic progressions and original melodies. Distinctive for his intuïtive style are the excessive and monotonous repetition of phrases. For instance in Oriental, the starting theme occurs many times in different octaves.

His major works are the Goyescas, pieces after Goya's paintings, the Spanish Dances and the Colleccion de Tonadillas for voice and piano. Further he wrote an essay about the use of the piano pedal, published sonatas by Allessandro Scarlatti, re-arranged a Chopin piano concerto and wrote multiple romantic pieces like Valses Poeticos and Escenas Poeticos.

He met his death in a sad way. In march 1916, near Dieppe on the English Channel a German submarine torpedoed his ship on which he returned to Europe after a concert tour in the USA. He drowned miserably.