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Le Angelus

( Fernando Carulli )

This is a section from the rather unknown Three Romances for Guitar Op. 333 by Fernando Carulli (1770 - 1841), although I guess that it will become more well-known as a consequence of this web publication. The piece has the atmosphere of a popular song from those days which deals with the Angelus, a prayer from the Roman Catholic churg which is prayed three times a day. The little bell called the Angelus announces the time of this prayer.

Fernando Carulli was an autodidact who became a famed guitarist and teacher. He went to Paris, where he played recitals, composed quite a number of pieces, gave lessons to the rich and had a very good time amidst his admirers. Besides some extended pieces, he composed a large number of small pieces for solo guitar and guitar ensemble which were quite effective for the beginners on the guitar. He wrote his Méthode Complète, which still is a standard guitar method today.