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Music for Guitar Duo: Introduction

Besides "original" material for two guitars, the main part of our repertoire consists of music that has not been originally written for guitar duo. The only thing we could do to expand our repertoire with good and not too challenging (and injuring) music was arranging the pieces ourselves.

You will find our complete duo repertoire on this page. It will be a steadily growing collection, because it takes some time to prepare all pieces for web publication. The pieces that were last added are marked by # in the N ("New") column.

As a service to guitar players all over the world, we'll put the sheet music of some duo pieces on this site in portable Document Format (PDF). We'll limit ourselves to the pieces which are Public Domain.

The side menu shows the style periods and genres from which you can select music. Each style period has a table which enables you to view the titles and to select the music. Selection has two options:

On the music pages you will options to show the sheet music (if available) or to return to the genre menu. Additionally you will find the media player to play back the music. Concerning playback, I complied with the Netiquette, you will have to press the Play button to listen to the music.

Please Note! The music that you can play on this site comes from a MP3 file which has been generated from the raw sheet music. It sounds the way, a robot would play it, with little extra features which actually would have turned the sound into music. No dynamics, no expression, no feeling. Just consider the playback as a very cold impression of the piece. Remember that the guys or gals who are going to make music from the score, well, that’s you, guitarists! Never forget that and don’t let the MP3 robot scare away or fool you!

Well, just a last remark to finish this page: the "engraving" of the sheet music is sheer hand work, i.e. input note by note and chord by chord. Just like word processing and text writing, there might be "textual" errors in the score. From my experience as a writer I know that quite a lot of errors will be apparent after the quality control and the publication, no matter how well you have checked the material.

So if you might find some errors in the sheet music, please report them to me. The quality of the sheet music on this site will improve if I get the possibility to correct the writing errors. If you find an error, please email the title of the relevant piece, its composer and the sequence number of the measure in which the error occurred. If you know the correction, please include it in the mail as well. The email address is:

Thanks in advance and Happy Playing!