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Cancion 1

(Marcos Portugal)

This is a Modinha by Marcos Portugal, a musical form from Brasil which has some likeness with the Portuguese Fado. A slow beginning with a melody with lots of virtuoso runs ends in a somewhat faster folk song like section.

Marcos Portugal (1762-1830) started his musical career as composer of operettes and a function of royal bandmaster. In 1807 the French invasion in Portugal forced him to leave for Brasil, as a companion to the royal family. In those days, Brasil still was a Portuguese colony. In Rio de Janeiro he became the conductor of the orchestra of the newly opened Teatro Sao Joao. He composed various works for this theater, which became known in Europe as well. The royal family returned after the fall of Napoleon, but her stayed in Brasil and died there in 1830.

If you want to play this music: it is part of the collection Conselhos, available with Muziekuitgeverij Van Teeseling, Nijmegen Holland, number VT348