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Aria Digli io che son Fedele

(Johan Adolf Hasse)

It has been a custom in music for a long time to arrange popular music for various instruments. Thus the music could be spread amongst a larger audience and be made suitable for playing at home.

In the eighteenth and nineteenth century, opera music was extremely popular. Arranging opera music was quite effective, because it happens to be impossible to have a full cast and orchestra at home if you did not belong to the very rich people. Many opera melodies were arranged for solo instrument (e.g. the piano or the guitar) and for small ensembles.

The aria Digli che io son Fedele (I say to you that I will be faithful to you) is an example of such an arrangement. The aria comes from the opera Allesandro nell' Indie by Johann Adolf Hasse (1699 - 1783), who was an internationally renowned composer of operas in the Italian style. His wife, the celebrated and temperamental opera singer Faustina, just kept him going.

For a baroque piece, I found this aria remarkable, because the melody has a touch of the classical era. There is some delightful drama in the last section of the piece. For the performer it is nice to play this "scene" of two lovers who say goodbye, are not shore whether they see each other again on short terms, but still promise to be faithful to each other.

I made a duo arrangement of the piece which enables a more clear definition of the singing melody of the piece than in the solo version.