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How to Order

At this moment I can process orders from specific Euro countries. The possibility exists that I can extend this to Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA) countries too. It depends on the shipping fees, however, if it is feasible to add a country.

Currently I will accept orders from Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, France, Austria, Spain (European region) and Denmark (European region). For other countries, however, we can look at the ordering, shipping and billing matters on individual basis. Please communicate in English, I am not able to process orders in e.g. French, Spanish or Danish.

The ordering procedure is as follows:

  1. You send me an email to with the following data:
    • Your full Name.
    • Home address with postal code and country. Please give a valid home address rather than a PO box!
    • Phone number.
    • Valid email address.
    • Bank account number of the account you will use to transfer the money.
    • The books that you want to order.
    • The amount of books per title you want to order.
    • If you want certified mail for shipping.
  2. I respond with a confirmation email. If I find lack of clarity, I will mention what I’d like to know and wait for your reaction first.
  3. In the (final) confirmation email I will specify the cost plus the shipping fees.
  4. You send me an email, either accepting or declining the offer.
  5. If you accept the offer, the order becomes definitive. In that case you transfer the money for the order to my account as follows:
    • RABO 1297.63.802 for Holland.
    • IBAN number NL13 RABO 0129 7638 02 for the other Eurozone countries as mentioned above.
  6. I’ll report via email as soon as I received the money on my bank account. I will issue an order to the printshop that will take several days to complete.
  7. I’ll send an email after I have submitted the parcel to the post office. Then you have an idea when you can expect the book(s).
  8. You send an email as soon as the book(s) arrive. Then I am sure that you received what you ordered and I get an idea about the time it takes to ship.