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The DOS Amigos Homepage Collection

Volume 1: Renaissance and Baroque

During the first years of my amateur guitar career I played quite a lot of music from the Renaissance and Baroque eras because I had some fondness for it. Later on I played from other style periods too, but this music kepts its special place in my repertoire.

In this volume you will find all Renaissance and Baroque pieces that I ever played or tried to play in the last 35 years. That’s why this volume has the most pages.

Within the music from the 16th - 18th century I had a number of themes.

I had a "Dutch/Flemish" period with lute music by composers like Pierre Phalèse, Nicolas Vallet en Joachim van de Hove. For some time I was interested by music composed by Gaspar Sanz and Johann Sebastian Bach. Later I immensely enjoyed playing the of baroque suites by the Italian Guiseppe Brescaniello.

All of these themes are inside the book.

On this page you’ll find a sample of the book, a PDF file that contains the covers, the table of contents and a few example pieces. In this way you can get an impression of the content and the appearance of the book.


Click here for a sample of Volume 1: Renaissance and Baroque!

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