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The DOS Amigos Homepage Collection

Since its establishment in 1998, on the DOS Amigos Homepage, here you’ll find a growing collection of sheet music for classical guitar from Renaissance to Romantic. You can select the pieces from a menu, read its description, play it if you like and print the score.

The statistics of the DOS Amigos Homepage and the various reactions I received show me that many guitarists like this score service.

If there are many pieces from the DOS Amigos Homepage that you like, you will have to print a lot. That’s quite logical.

In the end you may be stuck with a loose leaf system or even a pile of print-outs without system. Oh dear, if you drop the binder and all sheets fall out and spread on the floor! Without table of contents and page numbers it will be a tedious task to order everything again in the right sequence.

For this reason I offer an extra service on the DOS Amigos Homepage. You can order with me bound prints of volumes from the DOS Amigos Homepage Collection. At the moment, the service is there for Holland and a number of countries from the Eurozone. I do not support the option of world wide shipping yet, because of the shipping cost, although I am open to find a solution for individual requests.

Note that downloading individual pieces from the DOS Amigos Homepage will remain possible and remains free! I will not commercialize the music from this site. The DOS Amigos Homepage Collection volumes are intended for those players who like a bound book in a practical format. What you pay for purchasing these books are printing costs, packing and handling and a fee for my effort, that’s all.

Because the DOS Amigos Homepage Collection is continuously growing, the books grow along. Every year I publish a new edition. Consequently it is no use, keeping a physical stock of these books like I used to do. From now on I will only work with Printing On Demand! This causes a slightly longer delivery period, because I will have to order print-outs with the printshop first.

The DOS Amigos Homepage Collection has five volumes at the moment, Renaissance and Baroque, Classical I, Classical II, Romantic and Night of the Opera. A part that is dedicated to guitar duo music is still in progress.

Features of all volumes of the collection are:

  1. A4 portrait format.
  2. Wire-O binding, i.e. spiral binding. You can open the book without problems on a music stand. Browsing during playing is easy without the effect of pages folding back.
  3. Plastic end leaves for some protection of the book.
  4. Clear setting of the music in the quality that you are used to when downloading from the DOS Amigos Homepage. All music is scored in Sibelius, one of the best score editors on the market. This software produces a beautiful layout of the scores.
  5. Practical breakdown of the pieces. You can play with a minimum of page turns.
  6. Professional level edition, you have the opportunity to determine your own dynamics and fingering without being distracted by existing notation.
  7. Clear black and white print.

Within this section of the site you will find samples of the books, a price list and information about the ordering procedure.