Contemporary: Various Composers

Solo modern

On this page you will find a varied (small) collection of pieces by composers from the contemporary era. I added some biographical data of the gentlemen below. For their music, refer to the Music page.


Ariel Ramirez

The Argentine composer Ariel Ramirez (1921 – 2010) is mainly famous for his Missa Criolla from 1964, yet he composed the melody of Alfonsina y el Mar as well. His music is heavily influenced by the Argentine folk music.


Eric Satie

Eric Satie (1866-1925) was one of the well-known composers of Impressionism, at least he is now, in his time he was maligned. His career for the greater part took place in the cabarets of Montmartre. He introduced a large number of extraordinary in a completely personal style.


Joao Pernambuco

The Brazilian composer Joao Pernambuco was also known as Joao Teixeira Guimaraes (1883 - 1947). At a young age he learnt to play the viola caipira, a small steel string guitar, the Brazilian national instrument and he got in touch with the music from the street. After his parents died, he landed in Recife as an orphan. Here he made a living with various jobs like a blacksmith.

In Rio de Janeiro he became well known with compositions of national musical forms like Jongos, Valses, Toadas, and Cancoes. Because he was illiterate, he had to trust that his partners scored and published his music under his name. Unfortunately, many broke this trust and quite a few top hits were published under other names, so Pernambuco did not see a penny from it. Heitor Villa Lobos helped him a bit, scoring and publishing a number of Pernambuco’s songs under the name of the composer.


Jorge Cardoso

Jorge Cadoso (*1949) is an Argentine composer/guitarist with a career in the medical science. Up till now he has credit for over 400 compositions


Astor Piazzolla

Astor Piazzolla (1921 - 1992) has become famous with his Argentine tangos and the innovations that he added to this genre. Besides he composed works for guitar and guitar ensemble, like the well-known Histoire du Tango for flute and guitar.


Baden-Powell de Aquino

Baden Powell de Aquino was born in 1937 in the town of Varre-e-Sai in the vicinity of Rio de Janeiro. Obviously, his parents were great fans of the Scouting Movement because they named their son after Baden Powell, the founder of the Scouting Movement. In his childhood, his house was full of music, because his parents loved to organize recitals in their home. Baden Powell studied guitar and became one of the leading musicians in the bossa nova movement, which became very popular in Brasil and abroad. His cooperation with the singer/poet Vincius de Moraes yielded a number of beautiful songs. He passed away in 2000.


Marlo Strauss

Marlo Strauss is a German guitarist/composer that has the same age as me. I got a collection of his compositions titled Halbeidelsteine Vier Klangstudien für Gitarre as a present to encourage me to play some contemporary music. The theme of the compositions (the semiprecious stones) covers my wife Erna’s passion, she is very good at crystal therapy.