Contemporary: Leo Brouwer

Leo Brouwer

The Cuban composer Leo Brouwer was born in 1939 in Havana. His father encouraged him to play the guitar, later Brouwer made music his profession. He started composing at a young age, his early compositions were strongly influenced by folk music and Cuban rhythms, later he dedicated himself to atonal music and minimal music.

I heard his music for the first time at high school (in the middle of the seventies) because a class mate was practicing his Estudios Scencillos. To be honest, it sounded peculiar in my ears. As soon as I started practicing the guitar myself, I played the first six Estudios. Later on I added some Estudios Scencillos Nuevos.

After visiting guitar competitions in this century, I started to appreciate Brouwers music and play it as well. As a consequence, he has an own department on the site now.