In Memoriam Rob van Teeseling

I think it was at the time that I was just able to read notes on the guitar, that I got acquainted with the musical publications of Van Teeseling Music Publishers from Nijmegen in The Netherlands. I remember the work, it was a setting of the Baltic Suites, small baroque dances for guitar.

This publishing house was established by the guitar teacher Mr. Rob van Teeseling with a purpose which becomes quite clear if you browse the catalogue: Serving Music in all Keys.

Quite striking was that works of relatively unknown Dutch composers and arrangers appeared side by side to the works of the great musicians on the world stage. This resulted in a very characteristic publisher's list, which has attention for music on all compositional and playing levels.

With Van Teeseling I got the opportunity to publish three booklets with arrangements for flute and guitar (i.e. the subject of this section of the site). In this way, I was able to share the many pleasant hours in the guitar-flute ensemble with other musicians world-wide, something which definitely serves music as a whole, because music comes down to sharing: emotions such as joy, happiness, sadness and grief, and everything in between.

Today -19th of January 2009- I received word, that the founder of Van Teeseling Music Publishers, Mr. Rob van Teeseling, had passed away. I was shocked to hear it. I wish his family and all other relatives lots of strength and courage to face this terrible loss.

For myself, I am grateful that the publication of my arrangements enabled me to catch a glimpse of his enthusiasm as a publisher and a fellow-musician, who had a clear eye for the fact that 'playing with music' (like I did with the arrangements) can be valuable and resourceful for others too.