Navigation on the web site

The navigation facilities on the site help you to explore the DOS Amigos Homepage. They include:

  1. The Top Menu.
  2. The Breadcrumb Trail.
  3. The Side Menus.
  4. The Next Page

Top Menu


Example of a Top Menu with Submenu

The Top Menu enables navigation to the main sections of the web site, for instance the Allsorts department. Some sections are so extended that a sub menu is necessary. That’s obvious for instance in the Solo department for guitar solos, it has a sub menu that covers the style periods in the music.

You select a subject, clicking a menu or submenu option. When you move the mouse pointer over a menu option, it highlights and if present a sub menu pops up. This sub menu enables to select a sub-section of the main section. Click the option to select.

Breadcrumb Trail


Example of a Breadcrumb Trail

Often a web site is a tree structure that branches from the Home page, where you enter the site. The Breadcrumb Trail indicates the location of the current page within the tree and additionally shows all subjects on the way.

Within the web site the subjects are organised like a book, with sections, sub-sections, chapters, paragraphs, etc. The Breadcrumb Trail enables easy navigation within the chain of related subjects.

You select a subject, clicking a crumb in the trail. When you move the mouse pointer over a crumb, it highlights. Click the crumb to select the subject in the tree.

Local Side Menus


Example of a Local Side Menu

The Top Menu enables to select the main sections. (Left) Side Menus are intended to select subjects within a main section. Often the Side Menu has an option to return to the main section as well.

You select a subject, clicking an option in the Side Menu. When you move the mouse pointer over an option, it highlights. Click the option to select the subject.

Next Page button

Page Down

The button to the next page

Scrolling large texts makes you lose the view on the Top and Side Menus. That is tedious for easy browsing to the next page of the story. For this purpose, some articles have an Arrow Down symbol/ Clicking the symbol brings you to the start of the next page, with Top and Side Menus in view.

You’ll find the Next Page button only on the pages of a multiple-page article, like the festival reports and the Guitarities. You will not find the button on the Music pages, because they cover an isolated subject.