Guitarities Section 1


It is hard to date my very first Guitarities, I do remember that I still followed guitar lessons with Ed Westerik, and that was before 2004. Consequently, some Guitarities may seem outdated, particularly if the subject -for instance guitar lessons- has evolved since. Never mind, this collection is a kind of history book as well. I will neither update nor actualize them.

The main subject of the first Guitarities concerned my perception of music and guitar lessons, with the description of Annoyances in the progress of ensemble playing as a kind of climax.

Maybe Annoyances are a weird subject for a column like these Guitarities. On the other hand: why not? It is quite relevant to the life in musical ensembles. Annoyances often are the cause of poor performance and eventual dissolution of ensembles, even though they had a lot of musical potency. Hence some scribbling about these little problems in an amateur-musician's life is worth describing, just like subjects like stage fright and motivation.

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