Ensemble: Anonymous

Anonymous composer

Anonymous is by far the most prolific composer in the Renaissance in particular, he or she has an extensive oeuvre. Because the biography is unknown, we will start the music right away.

Click the title for playback and sheet music:

Sheet Music

Coventry Carol has been popular as a Christmas Carol for some time. It did not start its life as such, however. Some investigation about its origins showed that it formed part of a Mystery Play, a play for folk people in the Mediaeval times, based on Biblical or religious motives such as the play of Everyman. Considering the text, the song is not about Christmas, but something which happened later: The Child-murder of Bethlehem by King Herod.

I arranged of Coventry Carol for four guitars. One of the guitars beats the drums, playing the chords Tambora. If you choose to play the piece in trio formation, just pick the accompaniment (parts 3 or 4) which suits best.

Sheet Music

Mal Simmes is an anonymous English dance in an arrangement for four guitars by Andrew Forrest. Apparently, this theme crossed the North Sea in the sixteenth century, because the French composer Nicolas Vallet (see the solo section of this home page) made his own version for solo lute while he was living in Amsterdam.

Sheet Music

Like in all times, in the eighteenth century people liked a (folk) dance. This joyful Jig titled Keppel’s Delight by an anonymous composer was skilfully arranged by Andrew Forrest. The challenge of this piece for three guitars is the speed. The result is a brisk and swinging dance that will entertain audiences.