Folk Music: Various

Diverse Volksmuziek

On this page you will find arrangements of Canadese, Polish, Mexican and Norwegian folk songs.

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C'est l'Aviron is a French-Canadian folk song from the vicinity of Quebec. It is a joyful song in which lovely ladies, a romantic boat trip and some liquor play their roles. It is the first arrangement, Hans Oosterwal made for DOS Amigos, and it still is one of my personal favourites with its warm and mellow sound. Beware of the variation, it has some added virtuosity that presents a challenge.

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This is an arrangement of a Polish dance by Hans Oosterwal. The slightly unusual key of C-minor (yes, three flats) give the piece a very characteristic melancholic sound.

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In Mexico the local folk music is much more alive amongst the people than here in Holland. The region has innumerable folk songs and dances that show all kinds of influences, from Spanish to native Indian. Even the Strauss-waltz fashion is still present here. El Sereno is an arrangement of such a song for two guitars.

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The Swede Carl Oscar Boije af Gennås (1849-1923) was a passionate amateur guitar player who gathered an enormous collection of guitar music. Part of this collection was a large part of the nineteenth century guitar literature plus a great number of guitar periodicals, which contained pieces for guitar and various ensembles of guitar with voice, violin and even piano.

Boie had stated in his last will that his collection was to be donated to the Statens Musikbibliotek, the central Swedish library for sheet music. All the music from the Boie collection presently is in the Public Domain.

That’s a nice invitation to an odyssey for new music. The collection contains a great deal, music from the classical period and the early romantic era. A large number of pieces is decently engraved, but quite a few are just hand-written concepts.

Thus, I found a little collection of pieces for voice and guitar, 10 Udvalgte Sange, Norwegian folk songs that are attributed to a certain Mr. Olav. The song Villingen af er faglar smar? looked a nice playing piece for guitar duo.