Feast on Six Strings

Five Years of Guitar Festival Nordhorn


The Guitar Festival Nordhorn (GFN) is an initiative of Kulturhaus NIHZ in Nordhorn, Germany, the enterprise of Bobby Rootveld and Sanna Rootveld-Van Elst.

Together they form the recorder-guitar duo Niet In Het Zwart (NIHZ) (which translates as Not Dressed In Black). Duo NIHZ has performed all over Europe, in South America, India and the Far East.

Kulturhaus NIHZ was intended as a meeting place for musicians, artists and audiences, a home for events like the Guitar Festival Nordhorn and the Recorder Festival Nordhorn.

The first Guitar Festival Nordhorn was held in 2011, in the same year of the establishment of Kulturhaus NIHZ, and now its sixth edition is due. A perfect opportunity to look back at and reflect on five successful years of GFN!

This book serves that purpose. It contains my reviews of the first five years of GFN as published by the DOS Amigos Homepage (http://www.dosamigos-homepage.nl) plus interviews with supporters, artists, participants of the professional and amateur competitions. Statistics and a list of participants over the years are included as well.

Writing this book has been an exciting and instructive project for me. I hope that you will read this book with as much pleasure as I experienced in writing it.

With many thanks to all the people that cooperated in the interviews, provided me with photographs and helped otherwise!


You can order this book on-line! With the Printing On Demand company Pumbo.nl I created a nice soft-cover book, 375 pages with photographs. It has a bit of weight: One Kilogramme exactly! To order, visit: