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Romantic Era

In the Romantic era, middle and late nineteenth century, the guitar declined and lost its massive popularity from the Classical period.

Despite this fact, lots of interesting pieces were composed for the guitar. Particularly Makaroff’s Memoires (see elsewhere on this site) indicate that the guitar music was still alive in the Romantic era.

Without doubt Franciso Tarrega is the great master in Romantic guitar music. He introduced a new build of guitar - the Torres guitar - and a completely new playing style.

The collection Romantic I contains music by amongst others Francisco Tarrega (1852 - 1909), Henrik Rung (1807 - 1871), Frederik Rung (1854 - 1914), Madame Sidney Pratten (1821 - 1895), and Jose Ferrer (1835 – 1916). The book contains 114 pages of sheet music. For a leaf through, click here.

The collection Romantic II contains music by amongst others Alfred Cottin (1869-1923), Julian Arcas (1832-1882), Julio Sagreras (1879 - 1942) and Heinrich Albert (1870-1950). The book contains 128 pages of sheet music. For a leaf through, click here.

Particularly the music by father and son Rung appeared a surprise, because not much of it has been published in modern score format.

On this page you’ll find a sample of the book that contains the covers, the table of contents and a few example pieces.

The price of the volume is € 22.50, excluding shipping cost.

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