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Renaissance and Baroque

During the first years of my guitar hobby I played quite a lot of music from the Renaissance and Baroque eras. In this bundle you will find all Renaissance and Baroque pieces that I ever played or tried to play in the last 35 years

Within the music from the 16th - 18th century I had a number of themes. Examples are Dutch lute music (by composers like Pierre Phalèse, Nicolas Vallet en Joachim van de Hove), the pieces by Gaspar Sanz and the collection of baroque suites by the Italian Guiseppe Brescaniello.

The Renaissance book has 64 pages of music, the Baroque book has 92 pages of scores.

On this page you’ll find a sample of the book: Renaissance leaf through, click here, Baroque leaf through, click here.

The price per book is € 20.00, excluding shipping cost.

If you would like to purchase a copy: send an email to in order to discuss the details of the order.